Often when I'm showing and/or listing property I educate my client on being careful what they share in front of a buyer, seller or even a seller's agent.  So today, I saw this article from Inman and thought my readers would enjoy reading more on this topic. There is some great information in this article. Give it a read and I really think you'll learn something valuable.

There are countless things not to say but here are a few ...

  1. I love it; it's perfect !
  2. That __________ is hideous !
  3. This home is way overpriced !
  4. Why is the seller moving ?
  5. What are the neighbors like?
  6. Will the seller take X price

Want to know more?  Click on the article below ... It's a good read.   

As the song goes ... "You got to know when to hold em" ... 

Buyer no nos