Did you know you can do some of your own gardening in The Hamlets? My husband and I live in The Hamlets.  A few years ago, (Spring of 2016) the beautiful flowering tree in the front died.  So I inquired with the board and I received permission to plant the one you see below.    It's called a Pink Princess Willow Tree. I purchased it from QVC.  God willing, it eventually will look like the picture below.

I purchased it at QVC.  I don't know if they sell them anymore but I have seen them at nurseries.

It's a bit of a slow grower and I can not wait to see it reach its full glory.

Here is a great video on how to plant a "bare root" tree.

How To Plant a Dormant, Bare Root Tree

Tips on planting a dormant bare root tree. Includes info about unpacking, re-hydrating, proper hole size, mulching, and staking.

Cottage Farms Direct


Updated May 10 2019