Go Away ... come on back in 3 weeks. My tomatoes aren't growing, a cold wind is blowing, My deck is all wet and the buyers won't get in their cars to come out and look at all the fantastic houses on the market.


Seriously though . . . when it rains, it is one of the best times to go look at houses.  If there is water in the basement you will see it.  Years ago one of my clients submitted an offer on what looked to be the "perfect" house.  We were all so excited because we finally found what we were sure was the perfect property, and I think we all lost count on how many properties we had seen together.  Our offer was accepted and we went to inspection.  As providence would have it it rained on the day before inspection.  It was a very heavy rain and so we requested another look inside.  Water was pouring into the basement of this beautifully done home and all of our hearts sunk.  To be fair, the seller did offer to mitigate the problem (which would cost thousands), but the buyers decided to pass.

And so, the lesson is obvious.  Yes it's nice for all parties involved to look at Rockland Real Estate while the sun shines brightly and the skies are blue, BUT considering a house purchase is for most people one of the biggest investments of their lives, wouldn't it be nice to be able to see a property in the worse weather possible?

Perspective is everything!

Here's another viewpoint on house hunting in the rain from Heather Purucker Bretzlaff

Heather is  a broker and Realtor Associate at Fite Shavell & Associates, Palm Beach Florida.