What is the value of rockland real estate

 If you're thinking about making repairs before selling, talk to your agent about which repairs are necessary and which might not be.  If you've made significant improvements in your home to make it into your dream, you probably already know that you're not going to get full value for these improvements at resale.  In fact, aside, from replacing the front door, no home improvement project gave back more than an 85% return on investment.  At best, that's a 15% lose on your money.  For further information take a look at the video below  (length :54)


  1. How Buyers Search For Homes
  2. On the Market vs. In the Market
  3. Showings and Offers 
  4. Proving House Value
  5. Market Value
  6. Repairs and Improvements?
  7. Appraised Value?